My Liver does What??

A lot of my patients have heard me talk about Liver Qi Stagnation. It happens to pretty much everyone at some point, some people more than others. 


In Chinese Medicine we have 5 main functional organs - Liver, Spleen, Heart, Lung and Kidneys. Today I'll talk about the Liver!


The Liver's job is to move (or assist in moving). It helps the heart to move blood through the body, it helps with digestion in the moving of food and then the moving of nutrients to the organs, bones and tissues and it also most toxins through and out of the body. Toxins can be physical stressors, say a pharmaceutical - or they can be emotional - when we have a conflict or difficult situation.


The Liver normally does a great job of moving. But sometimes if it has a lot to move at once - let's say you've got a mean boss who is hard to please or are maybe are in a stuck place in your relationship and are having lots of arguments. The Liver starts to get a bit impacted. I think of it as almost overwhelmed - the Liver is managing and moving to the best of it's ability, but at some point when there is too much emotional stress, or emotional stress and a physical issue (healing from a surgery, etc) the Liver starts to lose it's ability to move. Hence the condition we call Liver Qi Stagnation.


Some outward signs of Liver Qi Stagnation are: irritability, tight muscles, pain, headaches, poor digestion, insomnia, menstrual issues...sound familiar?!


Acupuncture and Chinese herbs do wonders for supporting the Liver during times of demand or stress on the body! With only a few needles we can assist the Liver, help to move Qi (energy) and also help to deal with any issues to go along-side stress for you...headaches, tight shoulders, etc. 


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